JUMBO Newsletter Starter Pack Offer - 8 Niche PLR Newsletter Pack Bundle

What is The One Thing That 
ALL Successful Online Marketers Have?

A List - Or More Precisely - Many Lists


You Can Skyrocket Your Income from Affiliate Commissions, Adsense, CPA Offers and More with Your Own Niche Newsletter Lists. . .
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IMPORTANT! You Are Losing LOT'S Of Sales & Income The Longer You Put Off Getting Your Own Lists!


From: ToonChooi

I Will Give You the Opportunity to Have This Jumbo Niche PLR Newsletters Pack With the Best Quality Content for a Whole Year (consist of 8 Different Niche PLR Newsletter Pack) for ONLY $72 $37 (You save more than 40%)

Here’s what You will get…

  • 8 packs x 52 Newsletter Posts that are pre-formatted to plug straight into your Autoresponder (simply update one text file with your information and affiliate links and you’re in business)
  • The same content pre-formatted as one text file containing 52 Blog Posts with the correct #TITLE# and #BREAK# tags for use in most Blog Software Applications
  • The content in the format of 52 separate text articles for manual inclusion in your blogs or websites
  • Recommended Affiliate programs that have been proven to convert well and pay good commissions
  • The Articles/Newsletters and Blogposts are all 300 words or more each for a total of approx 16000 words per pack!

This Next Part Is VERY Important

This content is Very High Grade as it is written by English writers whose first and only language is English.

Here’s why this is important…

  • People will get these newsletters and unless they are High Quality they will unsubscribe from your list and in doing so will reduce your chance to profit from them
  • All the content is Spell Checked (in USA English) and proofread so there are no errors - This ensures that your subscribers understand that you run a professional operation and in doing so they will respect your advice and recommendations (that have already been done for you by me in these packs) and that will lead to increased profits
  • Most PLR Content is written by people in countries where the writers don’t have a full understanding of the English language and it is clearly obvious by the quality of their work
  • Newsletters MUST be top quality for subscriber retention - I know because I have built my online business on a foundation of quality and it has paid dividends.

The Money Really is in the List

Here’s why you need a list…

  • To ensure your long term financial security online there is only one way you can do that - With a list of your own
  • The more lists you have in a variety of niches the more secure your income will be no matter what the search engines or anyone else does
  • Everyone who has ever made BIG Money online has had the backing of a list of subscribers in some form or another
  • Every big product launch, JV promotions, Affiliate profits and more are all boosted exponentially when a list is available to use for the promotions and recommendations

Why MOST People Don’t Have Lists

So why doesn’t everyone have a list?

It’s simple really…

  • Creating a list is time consuming
  • Maintaining a list is time consuming
  • Getting a good balance of content and money making links takes experience
  • Most people don’t want to spend the time required to create a decent list let alone maintain one long enough to make money.


So What are you Waiting for?

If you are Serious about Making Money Online you will JUMP at this Opportunity to Invest in your Financial Future!

I have made it easy for you by giving you this Jumbo Niche Newsletters Pack so you can get started today in 8 diffrent profitable niches.

Purchase All 8 of Our Current PLR Newsletter Packs for only $37! (You Save $35)

Get all of the following Niche Packs in one Bundle for one price
  • Dogs
  • Golf
  • Gardening
  • Body Care
  • Face Care
  • Cats
  • Weddings
  • Fitness

dog plr newslettergolf plr newsletter packgardening newsletter

facecare newsletter packcat plr newsletterwedding newsletter packfitness newsletter

Each Pack consist of 52 Autoresponder Newsletters pre-formatted and also presented in the form of 52 separate text articles and as a pre-formatted blogpost text file with the #TITLE# #/TITLE# #BREAK# tags. Also included are affiliate recommendations .

Jumbo Niche PLR Newsletter Pack


RECAP: Here's What You Will Get in Each Pack:

#1 - 52 Newsletters Pre-formatted for Plugging in to Your Autoresponder 
- These are formatted for AWeber (the most popular autoresponder service on the market) and can be changed very easily to be used in any of the other autoresponder services that are available

#2 - The Same Content Formatted as 52 Blog Posts for Plugging into Your Blog Software
- Standard #TITLE# #/TITLE# #BREAK# Format that is used by most of the popular blog software applications

#3 - The Same Content as 52 Individual Text Articles of 300 words or more
- These can be added to Adsense Websites or changed and used for Submission to Article Directories
- They can also be used to create your own Info-Products provided you make suitable changes to them

#4 - Recommended Affiliate Programs
- The Affiliate Program Recommendations have been chosen for their relevance and also for their ability to convert well into sales
- The Newsletters have links throughout for the appropriate affiliate opportunities

#5 - Simple Instructions to Get You Started TODAY!
- The Instructions are easy to follow and only require you to use the search and replace function to change the affiliate links to those of your own.

"How Much Does It Cost?"

Firstly, consider how long it would take for you to create a whole year's worth of newsletters and how much your time is actually worth on an hourly basis and you will soon realize what a great bargain this is.

It will take hours just to find the right affiliate programs alone.

It will take hours to write the content.

It will take hours to format the content and get it ready for use.

When you consider just how much you are getting for such a small investment you will have to agree that this is the best money you will invest towards helping your financial future from your online business.

And all you need to invest is the paltry sum of $37 and within minutes you will have enough content to keep your niche list happy for the next year while you concentrate on getting more customers to your list - NOW that's a better way for you to spend your time online.

So what are you waiting for?

The Sooner You Start The Sooner You Can Benefit From Your Profitable Niche Newsletter List...

"Order Your Jumbo Niche Pack Now!"

Jumbo Niche PLR Newsletter Pack


To Your Success,

P.S. This Is The Best Opportunity You Will Ever Get To Start Your Own Niche Email List And It Is All Ready Waiting For You To Get Started Today For An Unbelievable Price That You Must Take Advantage Of For Your Future Financial Security