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Subject: {!name} - Mixed Emotions with a New Baby

Hi {!name},

Quote: Making the decision to have a child is momentous.
It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
- Elizabeth Stone

It is not uncommon for you to have mixed emotions when your baby is born as there are many changes to your hormones during pregnancy and for many new mothers it can take some time before they feel a bond with their new baby.

You should not question your ability to be a good mother due to these emotions as it is something that many women experience.

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Having an understanding partner or the help and support of friends and family will go a long way to help you get through this period should it happen to you.

On the other hand you will also have to attend to the needs of your newborn and having friends and family around too often can actually make it difficult for you to concentrate on developing a relationship with your baby.

A newborns senses and reflexes are surprising well developed right from the beginning of their life. In some circumstances where you and the baby are forced to be apart after childbirth, where there might be some additional care required by the hospital nursing staff and doctors in special care units, you will need time to be with your baby and start developing your bond.

It is a big change to your life to have a newborn baby and such a change can take time to get accustomed to so don't try to rush things along and always follow the advice of your doctor.

Once you start getting involved more in the care of your baby you might find that any strange emotions begin to subside and you will begin to feel the love that you expected towards your child.

You should always feel free to discuss anything that is concerning you and in particular your doctor and nurses as they are dealing with similar situations on a daily basis and it is better to listen to informed advice rather than the opinions of people who might not understand the situation.

Such feelings might not affect you whatsoever but it always good to know the facts in advance should this happen to you as you will be better able to deal with it.

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